Meet Tia - The Cole Lab, Founder

Tia Cole is originally from Omaha, Nebraska where she was top of her class all throughout school, a challenge, honor roll, honors, and AP student, and the first in her family to complete a college degree. Tia has always known that education and the power thereof would be her focus from a very early age. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education & Human Sciences with a focus on Secondary Education and English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Later, she received her Master’s Degree in English.  She has created curriculum and programs as well as hired, trained and supervised tutors and instructors.


She has now made her way to Tarrant County College South Campus in Fort Worth, Texas by way of Northwest Campus where she currently works as an Instructor of English. In this position, she teaches, and she serves on several committees and councils in addition to her role as a mentor. Her passions are for empowering others through education, promoting critical thinking, independence, conscientious leadership, and life-long learning.


After graduating PATHS Forward class of 2015 and Leading Edge class of 2016, Tia decided it was finally time to launch The Cole Lab. This entrepreneurial pursuit is committed to being "your development destination" for education, literacy, leadership, and employment. The focus of this company is on programming, curriculum design, coaching/training, and facilitating self-sufficiency.


In addition to launching her development business, Tia is the immediate past Vice President of Professional Development and former Vice President of Fund Development for BRIDGE Fort Worth; she serves as a board member for the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation; she serves as Education Committee Chair and executive board member of the Arlington NAACP, and she is an immediate past board member of the Ladder Alliance. Tia Cole is deeply committed to change through engagement and action.

A Message from Tia:

Welcome to the Cole Lab LLC!


I am passionate about education, teachers, curriculum, leadership, and community empowerment. In my view, education is an unparalleled equalizer when leveraged against poverty, discrimination, crime and the like. But, I think people get a narrow view of education and themselves which limits their potential. Education and its ability to work for us, generally speaking, is knowledge and the ability to utilize that knowledge to implement thinking, skills and strategies to create and best take advantage of opportunities through which you can find success.


From The Cole Lab LLC, you will get excellence unleashed. The Cole-Lab stands for collaboration and the best of Tia Cole as well as those who work with me. We are consultants, partners, leaders and workers. We can work with you, for you, and on your behalf to make a difference in all things education, literacy, personal development, leadership, and community.


Come along with me, and let me know what The Cole Lab can do for you!

Tia Cole

Founder/CEO of The Cole Lab LLC